KYROS develops customized software solutions to drive the smart card industry. With our state of the art R&D and development facility, we support clients from concept to product delivery. Below given are some of the applications developed by Kyros to develop the usage of smart cards in India and on a global scale.

Card Management System:

This product is used in Smart Card solutions towards various applications. CMS allows integrating the front-end application to be interactive with the server efficiently. CMS is the heart of all the Smart card driven applications.


CMS facilitates TRANSACTION ACQUIRING capabilities and it can be extended to provide special interface to the Banking servers. CMS can be deployed in banking solutions i.e. Transaction acquisition and ATM management applications..... more>>   (Download)

Supply Chain Management:

This solution brings the entire supply chain and warehousing activities to be integrated into the Smart card environment for online commerce. The future version of this product is being developed using in-house RFID solutions..... more>>     (Download)

Loyalty solutions:

A complex and futuristic smart card interfaced loyalty solution, which has been conceptualized, developed and deployed by Kyros. Kyros loyalty & membership systems differentiate your services from competitors. With our smart loyalty solutions, we bring the expertise needed to help plan and execute a comprehensive, smart card based loyalty strategy...more>> (Download)

Vehicle Management System:

A complete smart card solution for showrooms/manufacturers offering complete operational management of day-to-day activities, which is helpful to both the management and customers... more>> (Download)

Smart Medicare System:

A comprehensive Smart Card based “Electronic Patient Record” solution as per EPR-3 Standard, wherein the medical world comprising of hospitals, labs, doctors, patients, pharmacists, dieticians, can be connected in a seamless matrix. The smart card holds complete details of the patient for the services offered and betterment of life expectancy.... more>>(Download)

Club Management System:

A complete web enabled smart card solution for clubs offering complete operational management of day-to-day activities with relation to staff and members of the club into which a loyalty solution can be built in..... more>>  (Download)

Smart Time Management System:

A complete automated smart card solution for organizations, offering complete operational management of the day-to-day activities of the organization with relation to different departments, payroll, shifts, and all strategic reports..... more>>  (Download)

Campus Management System:

A complete web enabled Smart Card solution for educational institutions, offering complete operational management of day-to-day activities of a campus and its staff, students, account fees, attendance, leaves examination and all other statutory reports..... more>>  (Download)