TRANSYS™ is a complete smart card lifecycle management system catering to multi application smart card transactions for the Banking, Financial and Loyalty segments.

Smart card with its ability to handle more information than a traditional magnetic credit card expands the application and services that can be offered to customers.

Smart card technology can provide real opportunities for innovation in business to generate new sources of income. Today in India where 70% of all the transactions conducted in cash with no involvement of a bank or financial institution. This indicator clearly shows the hidden cost involved in handling cash with uncertainty and risk, which comes with such transactions. All successful Governments, Regulation bodies like RBI, financial institutions, Banks would like to bring this huge untapped market into the banking system. Now this is possible only through smart card technology

As smart card usage grows and more applications are developed and deployed, the management of smart card applications and maintenance of transactions, cardholder information becomes increasingly complex. TRANSYS™ is a multi-application smart card management system, empowering card-issuing organizations / companies to successfully deploy and manage smart card technology.

Why do we need smart card management?

To support multiple applications
To support multi issuers
To support multi clearing & settlement of transactions
To support complete cardholder management

The modular nature and open architecture of TRANSYS™ is designed to deliver real flexibility and scalability to multi issuers, acquirers.

The challenge facing card issuers is to harness the power of smart cards to deliver both marketing initiatives and cost reduction programs to enhance the Issuers competitive situation. A complete multi-application smart card management system is required, one that offers Security, Flexibility and Creativity, to seamlessly integrate with numerous application providers and be cost effective. TRANSYS™ from KYROS is strongly positioned to meet this challenge.

• Total card life cycle management system
• Multi-application support
• Easy to use and user friendly front-end GUI's
• Easy user configurable / customizable to meet various business needs
• Definable application Security
• Customized personalization options
• Key management system support

The challenge facing card issuers is to deliver complete multi-application smart card management systems that offer security and seamless interoperability between numerous application providers. TRANSYS™ from KYROS is well positioned to meet this challenge.


TRANSYS™ is an integrated solution aimed primarily at the customized bulk issuance and lifecycle management of smart cards in a single or multi application environment.

It is designed to handle single or multiple card issuers from within a single host / acquirer unit. This permits an organization, such as a operator, to issue cards on behalf of institutions, such as banks, loyalty scheme operators, etc.

It provides the functionality to place the card, the applications and the cardholder details into the system and then collate these details for the purpose of card personalization, initial issuance and subsequent card management – a total card lifecycle management.


• Competitive pricing that is scalable; can be card or application based.
• Modular design that facilitates easy integration to existing systems.
• Full card lifecycle support giving organizations complete control of the card.
• Multiple applications strengthen business case and improve customer loyalty and retention.
• Assures investment protection by allowing issuers to use practically any smart    card type, personalization device & card reader.
• Total management of individual and corporate (group) cardholder details.
• Interoperable with KYROS supplied and 3rd-party application providers.
• Complete card maintenance; e.g. hot listing, expiry, renewal, replacement or    locking.
• Complete Network management of terminals
• Quick and simple procedures to replace lost or stolen cards.
• Expert reporting capabilities.
• Secure system access with data back-up and recovery procedures.