“EMV” is 4 KB Processor based Smartcard with in-built Smartcard OS “KCOS” and manufactured at Kyrotec’s ISO 9001:2000 certified State-of-the-art manufacturing plant. It is an innovative Smartcard product that opens up horizons for the usage of Smartcards. It provides a fast, flexible and cost effective Smartcard application environment by offering developers and integrators with a powerful GUI and easy-to-use documentation. Developers and Integrators can easily configure and structure the Smartcard to suit their desired applications under different environment. We support System Integrators with User Friendly

Development Kit with a ready to use Software libraries & plug-ins that may be needed to expedite the development or deployment of solutions.

EMV is the best suitable cost effective ISO 7816 Compliant Smartcard product for loyalty, e-cash and any kind of data storage applications with far better security than any of the secured memory cards. It supports for Multi-application on Single card and Secured Messaging based on TDES to protect data Integrity. A high level of security protects the card issuer as well as card holder from an unauthorized access. As part of a granular access control to the application data, EMV provides security services such as Card holder verification, authentication of the external world, card authentication, data integrity, data confidentiality.

Standardization plays a key role in the acceptance and growth of the Smartcard Industry. EMV is fully committed to support International Standards.


ISO 7816 1-9 Compliant Microprocessor card with fast and reliable 8 bit CPU
Visa level 2 certified Microcontroller Chip
Supports for Multi-applications like Loyalty, E-cash and any kind of data storage   applications
Better Security than any of the secured memory card due to TDES algorithm
Available with easy-to-use technical manual for System Integrators and   Developers
Provision of Middleware to suit the Product with any kind of Card Reader - On   Request
Manufactured at ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing plant
High quality, High Performance product at exceptional price
Ideally suitable Cost Effective product for any closed/open loop applications.


Multi-application ID cards
Banking Applications with Static Authentication
Data Storage Applications
Utility services, Supply Chain Management etc.