A Gift Card is a smart/magnetic stripe card wherein a certain value is pre-loaded. The recipient of this Gift Card can then redeem the value preloaded in the card against goods & services provided by the organization/s mentioned in the card. The entire loaded value need not be redeemed at once; fractions of it can be redeemed from time to time, within the validity period. The highlights of the gift card are:

  • Card is rechargeable after initial value is depleted.
  • Brand, issue and process your own secure electronic gift and loyalty card to replace paper gift certificates.
  • Completely customize a stored value card service to meet your program requirements.
  • Gift Cards outsell paper gift certificates 4 to 1.
  • Improve Company Image
  • Eliminate Fraud & Theft Issues
  • Billboard Advertising: great return for your ad rupees
  • Track Purchase Behavior
  • Improved card recipients' overall experience.

    Why use Gift Cards?

    Company Benefits
  • Enhanced image/brand reinforcement – acts like a miniature billboard
  • Strong link to loyalty programs
  • Additional revenue streams (card sponsorship)
  • Reduced administrative and reconciliation costs
  • Reduced theft and fraud
  • Ensures that money will be spent where giver intended
  • Ability to capture recipient information and track purchase history (optional).
  • Recipient Benefits
  • Great gift item – more personal than cash or paper
  • No Change Given – 100% Value
  • Added convenience – perceived value of plastic is high
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Safer than Cash
  • KYROS will provide turn-key solutions for clients including:
  • Program Design
  • Network and POS Integration
  • Personalized Smart or magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Customized Software
  • Recipient Service & Support in our network.
  • Transaction Processing, Database Management & Reporting & Analysis (optional).