Healthcare Management System

The Hospital Management System is a Smart Medicare System, wherein a comprehensive Smart Card based “Electronic Patient Record” solution as per EPR-3 Standard is created, such that the medical world comprising of hospitals, labs, doctors, patients, pharmacists, dieticians, can be connected in a seamless matrix. The smart card holds complete details of the patient for the services offered and betterment of his life expectancy.

Smart Medical Care contains different modules, which help the management, Doctors, Patients for efficient and easy operations.

Advantages to the Patients

"Medicare" offers access to a host of special patient related services as and when you register and become an individual member. It is like having a super specialty hospital next door. A patient can chat with any doctor on the panel online. When he wants a second opinion or needs specialist advice for a chronic problem he can send his reports through internet to a super specialist from any part of the world and get the right diagnosis or advice, all without moving out of his residence. In case of an emergency also you can take the help of a doctor or get first aid tips before going to a hospital. When you are away from your family doctor and still want to take his advice, you can get him on line and being a family doctor he can give you appropriate advice.

Advantages to the Hospitals and Doctors

Medicare helps Doctors to improve their services by providing accessibility to connect with specialists from any part of the world. Just by becoming a member you can have 24x7 access to a whole gamut of medical services covering specialist opinion, diagnostic service and new drugs and formulations, medical and surgical equipment, new innovative practices, technological breakthroughs... literally everything connected to your profession, with the following advantages:

Easy Operational Management
Reduced Operational Cost
High Efficiency

This Package contains the following modules:

1. Patient Management: This Module handles the complete activities of the Patients:

a) In Patient Management:
This module takes care of the following details:

1. In Patient Registration and Admission
2. Services provided to a patient admitted
3. Prescription details
4. Bed transfer details
5. Basic Billing and Expenditure details

b) Out Patient Management:
This module takes care of the following details:

1. Covers the details of appointments made by a patient
2. Casualty Details
3. Bill Payment Details
4. OP Ledger

SMC has two phases, offline & online. The online module is used for real time access and searches. Other facilities provided by HMS are:

Labs: This facility is provided for lab management. Using this facility the administrator has the following advantages:

1. Surgery scheduling
2. Manage the details for Anesthesia
3. Reports for all the transactions

Authentication: This module offers full flexibility authentication for the chairman to control the whole hospital. The chairman has authority over the following:

1. He can decide the number of users who will be handling the various modules
2. He has the authority to decide privileges for the users

Medico Legal Registration: The MLC (Medical Legal Cases) are handled in an easy way. This form covers the following details:

1. Any Accident details
2. Details related to Ailments
3. Reports to keep track of all the patients and their ailments.
4. It also keeps track about the Medical Certificates to be issued