KCOS: (Kyros Card Operating System)

“KCOS” is a comprehensive operating system developed in-house. It has applications in the fields of Transportation, Banking, E-Commerce, Medical (Health & Insurance) Telecommunications, Security Identification and Utility Services and several other applications like electronic purse, Personal ID cards. More>>

"SCOSTA" is complaint to standards defined by National Informatics Centre (NIC) -Government of India body. This is for Driving License and Vehicle registration applications. We have this product certified by NIC on Phillips, Renesas, Infineon and Samsung Chips.More>>

"KCOS - SIM" is fully compliant to GSM 11.14 (Phase 2 + specifications) based on a 16 bit RISC architecture CPU core and with an affordable technology price tag for the South Asian GSM operators / Service providers. To cater to the needs and meet the demands of Mobile operators / Service providers "KCOS - SIM" comes with the flavors of USIM, R-UIM. More>>

The Crypto is a contact smart card fully complying with ISO-7816. It is designed for accelerating, improving security-based mechanisms like authentication, verification, secure encryption, decryption, key- pair's generation and performance for RSA public key cryptographic operations that are essential in PKI, Digital Signature. More>>

"EMV" is 4 KB Processor based Smartcard with in-built OS "KCOS" and is the best suitable cost effective ISO 7816 Compliant Smartcard product for loyalty, e-cash and any kind of data storage applications with far better security than any secure memory cards. It supports Multi-applications on a Single card and Secured Messaging based on TDES to protect data Integrity. More>>


Virtual Smart Card Simulator:
The Virtual Smart Card Simulator is an integrated development tool which helps in rapid development of Smart Card based applications. This software can be used in four phases of application development (1) Beginners, (2) Application Developers, (3) Application Programmers, (4) Application Testers. More>>