“KCOS - SIM” is fully compliant to GSM 11.14 (Phase 2 + specifications) based on a 16 bit RISC architecture CPU core and with an affordable technology price tag for the South Asian GSM operators / Service providers.

The communication explosion in India has changed the way we use our mobile phones. Services such as mobile Internet, SMS, and multimedia are a reality to day. To cater to the needs and meet the demands of Mobile operators / Service providers “KCOS - SIM” comes with the flavors of USIM, R-UIM.


 Standards: ISO 7816-3, 4, 6, 8 & 9 compliant
 File organization: 4 levels including MF
 File Types: 1. Binary,
2. Record type (fixed/variable) *TLV & NON TLV
3. Linear (fixed /variable) *TLV & NON TLV
4. Cyclic

Maximum Keys & Pins:
32 Keys & Pins at each level
Support for up to 4 channels
Support for Secure Messaging
On chip crypto co-processor
Support for 512 bit, 1024 & 2048 RSA key algorithm
Support for TDES, SHA-1 algorithms
On card Key generation, verification, authentication


 GSM 03.48: SIM toolkit secure messaging
 GSM 11.11: SIM - ME Interface
 GSM 11.12: 3V SIM
 GSM 11.14: SIM Application Toolkit (phase 2 +)
 Remote Access: OTA GSM 03.48 Secure Messaging: OTA keys for Authentication
 Protocol: T= 0, T=1
 Operating baud rate: 9600
 Algorithms Support: TDES, COMP128-1 ~3
 SIM Tool Kit Support: (ESTI 8.5 version)
 Plug-ins Support: Smart trust WIB 1.2


 Architecture: 16 Bit CMOS RISC controller
 EEPROM: 32 KB & 64 KB
 Cryptographic: SuperMapII co-processor
 Algorithms Support: RSA, DSS & TDES
 Hashing Algorithm: SHA-1
 Operating Voltage: 2.7 to 5.5 V