ACT Canada - Advanced Card Technology Association of Canada.

Card Technology - Smart card site, with frequent newsupdates.

EuroSmart - European Smart Card Association. Great resource. 

GSA's eStrategy - GSA site with great smart card section.

JavaCard Forum - Promotes Java for multiple-application smart cards.

MULTOS - First open, Multiple-application OS for highest security.

MUSCLE - Smart cards in a Linux environment. PCSC lite.

PCSC Workgroup - Standard for integrating smart cards and smart card readers.

PKI Forum - Alliance for Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) products and services

Single Sign-On Deployment Guide - Great reference provided by Netscape.

Smart Card Alliance - Promotes acceptance of multiple application smart card technology.

SCAFI - Smart Card Forum of india.

Global Platform , Inc. - Standards for Smart Card Infrastructure.

APSCA - Asia Pacific Smart Card Association.
ICMA – International Card Manufacturers Association.

SIMalliance - SIM Cards and SIM-based Services Association.
SCFC - Smart Card Forum of  China.

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute.