Kyros loyalty & membership systems will differentiate your services from competitors. With our smart loyalty solutions, we bring the expertise needed to help you plan and execute a comprehensive, smart card based loyalty strategy.

Loyalty programs improve customer retention and spending. Based on past purchasing behavior, personalized electronic coupon or loyalty programs help improve customer retention and spending. Customer acquisition is also being improved by differentiating your services from competitors.

Showing appreciation will go a long way toward strengthening your relationship. One-way to show customers you value their business is to provide them with glossy, personalized loyalty smart cards. Acknowledge frequent visits and award points to your customers according to their level of spending in your business. Smart card technology can benefit both of you: Offer your customers product discounts and points toward merchandise, and record valuable data about their buying preferences at the same time. Team up with area merchants to offer joint promotions. Tailor-design your sales and marketing efforts directly at your customers' needs. Build loyalty and watch your business grow!

  • Promote increased purchasing
  • Brand Building
  • Higher Margins and greater profits
  • Loyal customers are principal drivers of profits.
  • Loyal customers refer new business & act as evangelists
  • Helps study spending patterns & customer behavior
  • Loyal customers buy more per year
  • Loyal customers buy higher priced options
  • Loyal customers buy more often
  • Loyal customers are less price sensitive
  • Loyal customers are less costly to serve
  • Loyal customers have a higher lifetime value
  • increase transaction efficiency
  • decrease costs driven by human error, magnetic strip failure and fraud

    The Smart card is issued to all loyal customers. Whenever these cards are presented at the Merchant outlet, the discount percentage offered is loaded onto the Card in equivalent points. These points can be either immediately redeemed or collectively redeemed at a latter point of time. Special promos can be conducted for card holders at regular intervals. It will help

  • Increase Turnover.
  • Increase Average Expenditure of card holder
  • Increasing Sales through new Product Introduction.
  • Reduce Cost in Back-end processing, Man-Power.
  • More Effective through the use of state of art technology.
  • Develop product range into Financial / other related services.
  • Build brand loyalty.
  • provide back office support for the members (Lost card, damaged card etc)
  • Provide members online services with regard to transactions.
  • Ensure security in terms of data security
  • Provide Online Services for Merchants
  • Run special promotions for card holders.
  • Generate reports on spending patterns of members
  • Study spending patterns of loyal customers and have personalized programs for them.

    Members will receive an Internet PIN, along with their card, they can Login at the website with their card number as their username and Internet PIN as their password. Members will then be able to access all their transaction information, account statement, and all other relevant information regarding their card.

    Loyalty systems don't have to be expensive. Our starter package contains everything you need to start your own loyalty program. We print & personalize loyalty cards with your artwork. The loyalty starter package comes with a smart card terminal with integrated keypad and display. All you need to do is plug it in an electrical outlet and you are set. Windows software to configure your loyalty program, download and analyze transaction reports is also included.

    Customers accumulate points on their cards. With each visit they have their balance checked on an easy-to-use smart card terminal with built-in keypad and display. You define how many points your customers receive with every rupee spent. New cards can be activated on the same terminal. Instant redemption of Loyalty points is one of the main features of our loyalty system