Smart Card based National ID Cards are issued with a view of identifying authentic citizens of a country. The multi-application functionality and flexible nature of a Smart Card helps a National ID Card play a pivotal role in providing services for a targeted population. The duration of services can be customized for each cardholder, without requiring card re-issuance. Smart Cards offer unparalleled flexibility in secure data transfer. The card's dynamic ability to communicate with information systems expedites lengthy identification processes, virtually eliminating paperwork and manual data entry, while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

National ID offering includes security options like biometrics and digital certificates, to securely authenticate and enable a cardholder use multiple applications on the card.

Kyros has strong capability in Conceptualization, System Design and Integration can help the government to rollout customized ID application. Kyros has developed a CRYPTO operating system which is ported onto a dual card(contact & contactless) which is the right kind of solution for a National ID project.