Microprocessor Smart Card :

No bigger than a credit card, this smart card is equipped with an embedded Integrated Circuit (IC) chip that can process and store thousands of bits of electronic data. Unlike passive devices (such as a memory card or magnetic stripe card) that can only store information, the smart card is active and able to process data in reacting to a given situation. This capability to record and modify information in its own non-volatile, physically protected memory makes the smart card a powerful and practical tool. Smart cards are small and portable; they can interact with computers and other automated systems; and the data they carry can be updated instantaneously. Its features are:

· ISO 7816 1-9 Compliant Microprocessor card with fast and reliable 8 bit CPU
· Visa level 2 certified Microcontroller Chip
· Supports for Multi-applications like Loyalty, E-cash and any kind of data storage   applications
· Better Security than any of the secured memory card due to TDES algorithm
· Available with easy-to-use technical manual for System Integrators and   Developers
· Provision of Middleware to suit the Product with any kind of Card Reader - On   Request
· Manufactured at ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing plant
· High quality, High Performance product at exceptional price
· Ideally suitable Cost Effective product for any closed/open loop Applications


Multi-application ID cards
Banking Applications with Static Authentication
Data Storage Applications
Utility services, Supply Chain Management etc.