KYROS develops customized software solutions to drive the smart card industry.


Loyalty programs improve customer retention and spending. Based on past purchasing behavior, personalized electronic coupon or loyalty programs help improves customer retention and spending. Customer acquisition is also being improved by differentiating your services from competitors. Kyros loyalty & membership systems will differentiate your services from competitors. With our smart loyalty solutions, we bring the expertise needed to help you plan and execute a comprehensive, smart card based loyalty strategy.  more>>   (Download)


A Gift Card is a smart/magnetic stripe card wherein a certain value is pre-loaded. The recipient of this Gift Card can then redeem the value preloaded in the card against goods & services provided by the organization/s mentioned in the card. The entire loaded value need not be redeemed at once; fractions of it can be redeemed from time to time, within the validity period. Kyros provides end to end solutions for clients to manage their gift card programs...... more>>     (Download)


A microprocessor based smartcard, wherein an incentive value can be loaded into the card in the form of points, thus eliminating the need for separate monetary/non-monetary incentives/complimentary to employees. These points can be redeemed in any of our merchant network organizations, in lieu of cash. This card is personalized for the employee; details as may be required may be loaded.... more>> (Download)


Soft Tokens eliminate the need to carry cards, remember pins etc. A Soft Token, wherein all you have to remember is your id & pin nos. In effect, the soft token is the next generation virtual smart card, thus eliminating the need to carry a card at all. Kyros provides backend infrastructure for clients to manage any kind of applications based on soft tokens....more>> (Download)


Kyros has the expertise and ability to deploy a network for smart card transactions and other services, which can be offered for various types of transactions and services. This network can be wired or wireless and enables secure electronic transactions..... more>>  (Download)


Kyros can deploy end to end terminal services for settlement and reconciliation services. Our terminal management services include configuration, blocking, application management, key management etc. Networks can be used for any kind of card, soft token services if so a organization wishes to launch..... more>>  (Download)