The Virtual Smart Card Simulator is an integrated development tool which helps in rapid development of Smart Card based applications. This software can be used in four phases of application development.

1. For Beginners

The Virtual Smart Card Simulator has a feature “Command Assistance”, which will assist users (who have less / no knowledge of ISO7816 command set) to generate Smartcard commands.

2. For Application Designers

The Virtual Smart Card Simulator has a feature “ Virtual SmartCard® ”, on which the application designers can execute commands as if a real Smartcard is interfaced. The pattern of files created and data stored in the Smartcard can be closely visualized on the interface provided by the Virtual Smart Card Simulator. The Virtual SmartCard® is the real SmartCard OS ported on to the x86 target and hence the results would be accurate as if run on a real SmartCard. This gives the application designer a close handle to design the applications. Once the application is designed, the same can be tested on a real Smartcard.

3. For Application Programmers

The Virtual Smart Card Simulator provides a set of APIs through which programmers (VB / VC++) can generate commands and send to the smartcards. The API's operate on any PCSC compatible smartcard readers. The API's will relieve the programmer from the complexities of the smartcard reader connections and the smartcard commands by providing an easier set of API's like

· SC_CreateFile
· SC_ReadRecord
· SC_VerifyPassword

4. For Application Testers

The Virtual Smart Card Simulator has a built-in tool Script Execution to execute a series of the commands as a script (Kyros script file ‘.ksf'). The scripts can be generated using either Script Generation / Command Assistance. The responses of the commands can be viewed in a session window. The responses will also include any mismatch in the data format / status with the expected responses.

Unique Features of Simulator:-

· ISO 7816 Compliant
· Also Supports KCOS 1.0 / KCOS 1.1 / KCOS 1.2
· Script processing for testing / personalizing smartcards
· Saving sessions of Virtual SmartCard® for loading in future.
· Connects to any PCSC based smartcard reader

System Requirements:

· PC with Pentium, Pentium II or compatible processor.
· Windows NT / 2000 / XP
· 5MB free hard disk space
· Standards: ISO7816