To create and maintain a competitive advantage in the value chain of supply management, organizations must embrace the best technology solutions to meet consumer, retailer & distributor demands. Kyrotec’s Supply chain management system automates & streamlines your entire supply chain, thus making your chain more cost effective. We also bring the best of culture, accountability, and proficiency in your organization, thus driving your organization’s growth.
Kyrotec’s all-in-one powerful, scalable solution consolidates material procurement, warehousing, contact centre, indenting and supply applications found in a distribution environment. The versatility of the solution makes it ideal solution for wherever distributed processing, high security, multiple applications and increased privacy are needed.


a. Handheld terminals shall be used for data capturing & will be attached to every van (or other transport mode) with customized application software capable of:

1. Printing delivery notes with optional tender printing
2. Enabling day & week scheduling for delivery for a     particular route
3. Summary of stock, delivered/ undelivered items    status for a particular route
4. Purchase order entry

b. Transaction Interface & Centralized application software:
This will be an interactive distributor / supply management application software with user friendly common GUI for the complete administration of the solution. The Transaction Interface will enable the flow of information between the data base and the factory, warehouses, various distributors, and transport vehicles, thus coordinating all the business activities of the supply chain.

c. Interactive Voice Response to enable interaction of order booking, complaints, urgent deliveries, marketing feed back etc.

d. Retailer management will enable distributor to have a complete management of all the retailers in terms of products mix delivered, returned, pricing, discounts etc in regard to the SKQ’s of the organization.

e. Centralized Distributor management will enable the organization to have a complete understanding of the distributor’s sales, delivery, pricing, and distribution activities.

f. Factory indenting, which will tally all the product SKQ’s that are going out and coming into the factory as per the routes and schedules.

Why a smart Card?

The introduction of a Smartcard for a distribution system has multiple benefits:
• Decrease administrative costs and increase organization revenues.
• Trendy & State of art technology
• Easy Flexibility & Functionality with transparency
• Eliminates data entry and time saving
• Eliminates accountancy discrepancy
• Useful tool for understanding the consumer behavior patterns
• Automated indenting, delivery and ordering system
• Useful tool to build a powerful distribution channel, better logistics management
• Kyrotec’s supply chain management system automates the process and builds a   seamless integration in the value of supply chain management, which is scaleable   to a national level and can be integrated to the organizations ERP platform.