“Smart Time Management” is a complete automated Smart Card solution for organizations, offering a complete operational management of the day-to-day activities of the organizations in relation to with the different departments, payroll, Shifts, and all Strategic Reports

Why to use the Software?
• Automated day-to-day transactions.
• Reduced Manpower, time and cost.
• Storage of data with security.
• Stores up to 8000 records.
• Employee Paging / Mailing.
• Shift Management.

What is Smart Card?

The Smart Card is a chip based plastic card on which data is stored, Smart Card Reader is used to read smart card, it can store multi application and can be used for services like electronic purse/ debit card/ credit card/ health/ insurance/ loyalty etc.

Advantages of Smart Card

• High Security
• High Reliability
• Easy Forward & Back Integration
• Multi-Platform
• Multi-Applications
• Multi-Database

“Smart Time Management”
“Smart Time Management” is an automated Attendance Terminal as per ISO 7816-3 using the state of art technology of smart card. Built on an 8-bit Micro Controller with programmable memory up to 20 Kbytes and transaction memory up to 128 Kbytes. The smart card insertion and remove mechanism is through landing contacts with a life of 300,000 cycles. The communication to the personal computer is through Serial port RS-232 or RS-485.


Easy Operation

An employee just inserts the smart card at the Terminal.
The Terminal records the timing of in and out of all the employees.
Easy down load of the data to the host computer.
Complete Terminal management Module Included in the software.
Employee masking / Time Masking.

Time Masking for specified Time zones.
Stores up to 8000 records.
Employee Paging / Mailing.
Shift Management.

MIS Reports:
Daily Attendance Register (Department / Shift wise report).
Absent /Late Report (Department / Shift wise report).
Payroll generation (Daily wages / Pay slip).
Shift Maintenance / Leave Maintenance / Shift Rotation.
All Strategic Reports (TDS /PPF / ESI / Gratuity).

Add on Utilities:
Payment Allowances / Advances
Health / Insurance card
Canteen Management

“STM” contains different modules, which help the management, Employee for efficient operation.

a. Attendance
The system automatically stores the employee details as and when he inserts his smart card at the attendance terminal provided. The data is sent to the computer in batches to the computer for processing. The smart terminal can be programmed for reporting time, late coming, and certain messages displays.

b. Shift Management
The system operator or the HR manager is given an option to change the employee to the various shifts operating in the company and to plan in advance the roster for the complete week.

c. Anti-Passing
The system gives full security to anti-passing when ever access is introduced in the organization along with attendance.
d. Auto Report Generation
The system supports full report generation for MIS as per the organization requirement.

e. Leave Application Processing
The system takes into consideration all leave applications of the employees in the organization right from the application to the granting of leave.

f. Electronic Purse
The system allows the organization to load money on to the smart card for his fuel or incentive or advance which the employee can go and utilize at any selected out let or stores approved by the organization.

The organization can load the monthly meals or money pertaining to the employee on to the smart card to be spent at the canteen. The system restricts the employee to only two meals at a given time at the canteen. As and when the employee exhausts the permissible meals, the employee has to pay for the same at the canteen.

i. Health Card
The uniqueness of the smart cards and the system is that as in every big organization a hospital is approved wherein the employee is permitted to go treatment. All the details of such visits can be stored on to the smart card for future requirements