Passwords aren't free. As the number of applications that each user must access increases, the cost associated with managing these passwords and their impact on the user keeps rising. Organizations are confronted with the following realities surrounding the use of passwords:

• The number of systems, web sites, networks, applications, etc. requiring user    name/password authentication is increasing, confronting users with a growing list of passwords to remember.
• Passwords are subject to sniffing, sharing, brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, theft, social engineering, personal information gathering, and just plain guessing.
• Strong password policies are difficult and costly to enforce. A strong password    typically consists of a random set of characters, is at least 8 characters long, and    is changed frequently. However, the more complex the password, the harder it    becomes to remember. Users either end up writing down their passwords and    saving them someplace for easy access (completely undermining security) or they forget them, requiring a call to the help desk to reset their password. Significant  industry statistics indicate that 30% - 50% of a help desk's resources are consumed in managing and resetting passwords.
• End-user resistance to strong passwords remains a major obstacle.

Kyrotec’s Solution- USB Security Dongles:

  • Kyrotec provides one of the best access methods. It allows a user to log on using a USB security dongle and then never have to worry about entering another user name and password. The user names and passwords are all stored securely on the user's USB security dongle and automatically retrieved as needed when the user requires access to a service or application. The client software has the intelligence to recognize the login dialog box for each application. It automatically retrieves the necessary login information from the USB security dongle, enters the information into the proper fields, and then submits the login response on behalf of the user. If a change password dialog appears, this too is automatically recognized by the dongle. A random, strong password is generated and stored as the new password on the user's USB security dongle. The user no longer needs to remember (or even know) their passwords, since they are managed automatically without user involvement.
    The user no longer needs to write down passwords, put sticky notes on the PC monitor, or pack their wallets with critical organization security codes. The only item in their wallets or on their desks is a secure, tamper proof USB security dongle.